Terracotta Crafts

Terracotta is amongst the oldest and most widespread form of handicrafts.The raw material for this craft is ordinary clay,derived from the beds of water bodies like river, lakes and ponds. The clay is cleaned, mixed and ten shaped either by hand, wheel or olded into desired object. The items are dried, fired and glazed as per the requirements. The clay or terracotta products are graded according to their color, strength and water absorption capacity.

Terracotta is fined red clay used in sculpture,jewelry and pottery.Terra means earth in contrast with terracotta.Terracotta can be quickly identified by its brownish red hue porous exterior and earthy feel.The clay that is used to make terracotta is formed ,cast or molded into different shapes and dried,usually in a kiln to obtain a hard surface.you will find terracotta is the form of roofing,sculptures,jewelry and dishes.

Terracotta jewellery is all time favorite for all women, specially jhumkas and necklaces. This goes very well with your ethnic wears.Lean type of porous clay sourced from the beds of tanks is used for jewelry. The clay is then dried in the sun, crushed and initially put in tubs of water. Once stirred well, it is filtered through sieve. The clay thus sieved is filtered and allowed to settle. The excess water from the tubs is decanted and the clay is dried and cut into shapes and sizes as desired. The whole process is hand
made and once the articles are made they are colored into beautiful shades of the ornaments.

The craft of terracotta in India is an epitome of religious expression conveyed through clay. Tamilnadu is famous for the terracotta figures of the Aiyanar Deity. The figures are huge and they are found standing guard at the entrances of villages protecting the insiders from evil spirits. Gujarat also has votive figures like horses with riders, etc.

The most advantageous factor with terracotta handicrafts is that they do not decompose or get affected by rain, humidity, sunlight or snow, etc. Terracotta is fast replacing ceramic in the elite class of the society because of its chemical free and eco-friendly
nature.Terracotta of Kutch is famous for its lovely craft workmanship. Artists here dry the clay in the bright sunlight and later these articles are painted and baked. Thanagarh is famous for ceramic items.

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