Bamboo Craft

Bamboo is a very versatile material and widely used for every day materials and products in rural areas of the countries of origin.Bamboo, the ideal 21st century, renewable resources. Strictly speaking, not a bamboo tree, but an herb, its short growth cycle, is the world’s one of the fastest growing plant, easily grown, can be spontaneous reproduction, light and hard, is a rare and renewable resources.

Bamboos are being harvested in 3-5 years, and some species reaching maturity in a year. It is therefore a low cost material that is strong and durable and can be used for just about anything from house building to functional and decorative objects such as bamboo pots!

Some of our daily use products are also comes under bamboo craft.  For example, bamboo rice steamer, chairs, stools, fountains, hats, baskets, mats and rugs, beds, cups, bowls, pots, eating utensils, chopsticks, fishing traps and rods, boats, carts, musical instruments such as flutes, and toys.

With treatment, bamboo forms into a light, exceptionally durable, and very hard wood that is tough enough to be used for constructing dwellings, furniture, scaffolding,flooring, roofing, and many other bamboo projects.

Bamboo is so flexible it can bent into round and curved shapes without breaking. Bamboo canes are smooth so, unlike wood, they don’t need to be stripped for craft-work. The canes can be split to make them flat for a variety of project requirements.

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